Infecar renews its brand and presents its new strategy and positioning as the Gran Canaria Trade Fair

  • After 31 years with the current brand image, Infecar changes its look and reinforces its strategy as a space that promotes business, experiences and knowledge.
  • Antonio Morales has emphasized, during this presentation, that Infecar has become in the last years one of the “major poles of economic, social and cultural dynamism of Gran Canaria”.

After 57 years of activity, and more than 30 years without renewing its corporate identity, the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, today presented the new image of Infecar. From now on, Infecar is positioned as Feria de Gran Canaria, thanks to a process of transformation of its organization through a 360º redefinition of its brand.

“This rebranding and rebranding is not just an aesthetic change, quite the contrary, it is the representation of a profound transformation that began in 2015, which is leading Infecar to live the most dynamic moment in its 57 years of history and to become a reference not only in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands, but one of the most innovative fairgrounds in Spain,” said the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

In a ceremony held at the Gran Canaria Convention Center, Infecar has made a journey through its history and a review of its evolution, identified through its four brand pillars: the internal culture, products and services, its spaces and environment and its new visual identity.

This new roadmap, which sets the strategic, visual and narrative direction of the venue, now structures the activity carried out in its facilities in four sub-brands: Infecar Negocios, Infecar Conecta, Infecar Vive and Infecar Impulsa, a division created with the aim of explaining in a clear and simple way everything that happens at Infecar to be more competitive and meet the needs of its exhibitors, customers and visitors.

Antonio Morales also wanted to highlight the crucial aspect that the spaces and the environment of Infecar have within all this transformation that the enclosure is experiencing and that will allow it to become a space at the forefront of the national scene. “Infecar is also about sustainability. The new master plan for this venue is a perfect example of how we can combine economic development and investment in a sustainable way, while adapting our cities to mitigate and adapt to climate change, while generating new spaces for citizens.”

“Also the new Pavilion 7, which has a floor capacity of 2,500 square meters, approximately, to 8,500 square meters, including a space for meetings and congresses that complements and expands the capacity of the current Gran Canaria Convention Center, in addition to an endowment of meeting and office spaces on the upper floors,” he concluded.

We promote what unites us

In addition to changing its name to Infecar Feria de Gran Canaria, the venue has a new slogan: Impulsamos lo que nos une, which synthesizes the new positioning and establishes the starting point of the brand narrative. “Impulsamos lo que nos une defines perfectly the sense of this precinct because this is a space where progress, knowledge, momentum and well-being that unites us are driven. A place where Gran Canaria meets the world and the world meets Gran Canaria”, said Morales.

In relation to its new logo, Infecar now shows a more timeless air and digital attitude, suitable to adapt to any scale and format. The dot of the “i” reflects the impulse, the movement where everything happens. As for the chromatic range, the main colors that dress the new visual identity of Infecar are black and white, which achieve a perfect balance and are able to convey its more specialist and elegant side, and are complemented perfectly with Infecar green, which reflects its more energetic and vibrant side.

The result is a trendy brand with local impact and global reach, capable of transcending. Shaped by conceptual, formal, relevant and aspirational codes. A proposal that allows Infecar to be more competitive locally and nationally and, in short, everything that was needed to turn the Gran Canaria Fair into a space that promotes experiences.



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