Tobacco Free Space

Infecar Impulsa

At Infecar we structure the activity carried out in our facilities into four sub-brands: Infecar Negocios, Infecar Conecta, Infecar Vive and Infecar Impulsa, which allows us to explain in a clear and simple way everything that happens in our premises and gives us the opportunity to be more competitive and meet the needs of our exhibitors, clients and visitors.

We wish to contribute to the business, social and sustainable development of Gran Canaria, promoting the growth and progress of companies, people and our island, towards a better future. Thus, and as part of our social commitment, we work to live in an even better place. We promote change and respect for the environment. We want to be responsible, sustainable and honest with our environment.

For these reasons, and within the framework of Infecar Impulsa, we have begun work together with the Canarian Lung Cancer Foundation to convert Infecar into a Tobacco Free Space.

In our country, tobacco is the cause of death of more than 50,000 people a year and the cause of 82% of lung cancers. It is undeniable that it has direct consequences on the health of those who consume it actively and passively and, it is our duty, to work to contribute to more and more people who stop smoking.

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