Accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector is understood as the set of principles and techniques that must be respected when designing, building, maintaining, and updating websites and mobile applications, in order to guarantee equality and non-discrimination in access to users, particularly people with disabilities and the elderly.

Royal Decree 112/2018, of September 7, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector, establishes the following as minimum requirements:

The websites and applications for mobile devices of the obligated entities included in the scope of application of this royal decree must be accessible to their users and, in particular, to the elderly and people with disabilities so that their contents are perceptible, operable, understandable and robust taking into account the rules of article 6.

Accessibility will be taken into account in an integral way in the process of designing, managing, maintaining, and updating the contents of websites and applications for mobile devices.

The obligated entities will adopt, whenever possible, measures to increase the accessibility of their websites and applications for mobile devices with respect to the minimum level of accessibility that must be met at all times.


At Infecar we maintain a strong commitment to achieve complete integration of all users of the entity and society in general. The current priority is to achieve universal access to the content published on our website, reaching an AA accessibility level as specified in the WCAG document points.

Communications on accessibility requirements may be submitted through the following means:


Telephone: 928 2810203

The response will be issued by Infecar and will include the following information:

The unit that issues the response.

The decision that has been made.

If applicable, the accessible information requested.

If applicable, the estimated term and the Unit responsible for carrying out the measures to correct a possible non-compliance, if they cannot be adopted immediately.

The Unit to which the claim can be made and the procedure by which the claim can be made.


An accessibility report UNE 139803:2012 issued by the Accessibility Observatory has been carried out, whose parameters indicate the following:

2020 annuity:

Adequacy Level: Priority 1 and 2

Average portal score: 9.00

2021 annuity:

Adequacy Level: Priority 1 and 2

Average portal score: 9.00

No failures have been found with respect to the diagnosis made on all the pages, a total of 55 made randomly.

The accessibility review of the studies of the Web Accessibility Observatory is carried out using an automatic methodology developed expressly for this observatory. This methodology takes into account only 20 accessibility checks. Each check is made up of several checks performed automatically.

The methodology using the UNE 1398 standard

Publication date: 08/06/21

Publication date: 15/06/22

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