Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to create, organize and facilitate experiences in any location or channel, generating opportunities for growth and progress for Gran Canaria.


We want to be a space for business and experiences, a reference in the Canary Islands that, through fairs, events and congresses, offers an incomparable place where we can promote what unites us. A space where Gran Canaria meets the world. And the world, with Gran Canaria.

Our attributes and values


What moves us is not to stand still. At Infecar we like challenges. To meet them, overcome them and go for the next ones. We finish what we start and achieve what we set out to do. Our goal is always to have one.


The experience that accompanies us has a clear purpose: to prove it. Therefore, we adapt to the needs of our customers and find the best solution to possible problems with efficiency and professionalism. We seek perfection in everything we do because we are not satisfied with being good, we want to be excellent.


We grow with you. We bring knowledge and the latest trends to offer an alternative, fresh, inspiring and innovative point of view. We create a community with different motivations and the same interest: to grow personally and professionally. We inspire and let ourselves be inspired.


We care about what matters to you. Your goals are our goals too. We see the world through your eyes and anticipate what you need. We are committed to your interests and we walk by your side to help you achieve them. Empathetic, close and human, we focus on our clients and visitors to offer them the best service.


We want to live in an even better place. We promote change, the dissemination of culture and respect for the environment. We want to be responsible, sustainable and honest with our environment. We seek transparency in each of our actions and the way to propel our island towards a better future. Because what we take care of today, will be what we leave tomorrow.

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