Infecar publishes the tender for the project and facultative construction management of the fairgrounds’ urbanization

The tender includes the construction projects of the fair plaza, service areas, recycling points, other technical facilities, and open spaces.

The transformation of Infecar, Feria de Gran Canaria, is getting closer. Last Friday, June 13, the tender for the drafting service of the fairgrounds’ technical urbanization and construction projects, both at the basic and executive levels and the construction management, was published. This corresponds to the first phase of construction development, making it possible to implement the future new pavilion and the other uses and facilities of the fairgrounds.

Infecar requires growth and adaptation to the current demand for services and spaces due to the upcoming construction of the new pavilion and the proposal of the new Special Plan of the Fairgrounds. Therefore, the transformation of the fairgrounds’ urbanization is necessary.

This urbanization will facilitate access and meet the presented needs, as well as create a new centralized facilities area that supplies and accommodates the needs of the entire fairgrounds. This will ensure coherence in the planning of the spaces within it, turning it into an accessible, sustainable, iconic, and modern venue that responds to the renewed and modern image intended with the project.

Currently, Infecar already has the basic project for the new pavilion, so construction can start in 2025 and be completed between 2026 and 2027. However, to put this new pavilion into operation, some of the changes and improvements to the fairgrounds included in the Master Plan will need to be executed.

Specifically, part of the contract’s objective in this tender will be to execute the open spaces around the pavilion, provide storage space for the venue, adapt and expand the technical facilities areas (fire protection, water supply, irrigation, energy, communications, etc.), and complementary service areas (service roads and loading and unloading docks for trucks). It will also include the construction of a recycling point infrastructure to comply with current legislation and foreseeable regulations that may come into force within the circular economy framework.

Companies interested in bidding for this tender have until July 31, 2024, to submit their proposals, which must be registered through the Public Sector Procurement Platform

To facilitate the submission of these proposals, a technical visit to Infecar’s facilities is planned, which will be publicly announced on the Public Sector Procurement Platform.



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