Canarias Comunica focuses on the synergy between virality and brand identity for success

  •  Jorge Sandua, from PutosModernos; Domingo Olivo, from Sony Music; and Amparo Cantalicio, from Meridianum Talent Lab, were the speakers at this 12th Canarian Communication Forum.

Capturing the audience’s attention is no easy task, but it can be achieved. The speakers at this edition of Canarias Comunica, the 12th edition of the Canarian Communication Forum, demonstrated this. Much-desired virality can be achieved through clever marketing campaigns with humour at the core of the message or genuine media hits. However, the brand identity must be present to ensure longevity.

Promoted and financed by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and organized by Infecar, Gran Canaria Fair, Canarias Comunica opened the doors of its 12th edition to bring together marketing, advertising, and communication enthusiasts, focusing the debate on viral content versus brand identity.

“In a world where information overload is the undisputed protagonist, capturing and maintaining attention in an increasingly reduced time has become a common goal,” said Natalia Santana, General Director of Infecar, during the opening of this forum, which was presented and animated by Jota Ypunto, CEO and founder of Entrepreneurs Fight Club and Todo va a salir bien.

Jorge Sandua, Product Director and founder of PutosModernos, was the first to take the stage in the Canarias Hall of Infecar. In his presentation “Spam for Today, hunger for Tomorrow,” he outlined a journey from PutosModernos’s beginnings to the present, revealing the secret of its most notable successes and failures.

Sandua noted that while PutosModernos started as a hobby, it became a business. However, “we have always maintained the intention that our advertising is not just that, but carries content. We do the same work we already did for entertainment, but for brands, based on three emotional shortcuts that help us connect with our audience: trolling, self-parody, and radical honesty.”

During his speech, Sandua reviewed their most notable media campaigns, detailing how they managed to turn some of them into genuine viral phenomena through humour.

After him, Domingo Olivo, Marketing Director of Sony Music Entertainment, delved into the obsessive search for hits and viral trends versus what he calls ‘stellar craftsmanship’ with enduring proposals from stars like Rosalía or C. Tangana.

“We receive more than four thousand advertising impacts a



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