The Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair captivates around 13,000 people in a record-breaking edition

  • This year’s fair has seen the most significant participation in its history, with 81 companies and 19 municipalities, 33% more than in 2023
  • Hacomar Arencibia, from the Nákar restaurant, was proclaimed winner of the professional category of the Regional Cooking Contest

Nearly 13,000 visitors’ pantries were filled this weekend with the aromas and flavors of our land at the 11th edition of the Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair. Over three days, Infecar hosted a continuous stream of people attracted by a record-breaking exhibition offer ideally linked to an extensive exhibition program.

Promoted and financed by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and organized by Infecar Feria de Gran Canaria, in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development, Industry, Trade and Crafts and the Department of Primary Sector, Food Sovereignty and Water Security, the Fair closed its doors this Sunday after three days in which the thousands of visitors have been able to buy zero-kilometer products and learn about them; they have learned about the intricacies of renowned chefs and tasted hundreds of foods produced in Gran Canaria.

“Gran Canaria has turned out for the Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair. We have far exceeded the participation of the previous edition. The people of Gran Canaria have come to enjoy this fair, to try local products, to meet the chefs, to support the companies of the primary sector of the island of Gran Canaria,” assured the Minister of Economic Development, Industry, Trade and Crafts, Minerva Alonso.

The Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair has had the participation of 81 companies and 19 municipalities, compared to the 51 companies and 16 municipalities that participated in 2023, thus increasing by 33%. In addition, and as a novelty, Asinca has joined this event, with 15 companies within a stand under the seal Made in Canarias, where they have made known the work of these companies in the economic panorama of the island.

Hacomar Arencibia, winner of the Regional Cooking Contest

This Sunday’s highlight was the celebration of the final phase of the Professional category of the Gran Canaria Me Gusta Regional Cooking Contest. Hacomar Arencibia, from the Nákar restaurant (Gran Canaria), was proclaimed the winner after delighting the jury with his dish ‘Cabra, queso y batata’ (Goat, cheese, and sweet potato).

Arencibia received a gift voucher worth one thousand euros from El Corte Inglés, sponsor of this Regional Cooking Contest. The company also supplied the participants with the local products they cooked in the grand final.

Sara Sánchez, from the La Chinija – Creative Pastry Shop (Tenerife), with her dish ‘Merendola’, and Daniel Castro, a teacher at the Fundación para la Promoción del Empleo (Gran Canaria), with his dish ‘Roca de cherne sobre puré de batata, mojo verde de algas y crujiente de cebolla caramelizada’ (Cherne rock on sweet potato puree, green algae mojo and caramelized onion crisp), have been the finalists who have also shown their culinary skills this Sunday.

In addition, to liven up the celebration of the contest while the finalists were cooking backstage, Alejandro Elías, from the Bevir restaurant and winner of the previous edition, together with Carla Betancor, head chef of the restaurant, offered a gastronomic exhibition in which they have prepared: ‘Beetroot with beurre blanc’; ‘Pumpkin, vanilla and wasabi’; ‘Fish-stuffed onion bun’ and ‘Fried fish with fennel bubbles’.

A gateway to the primary sector of Gran Canaria

Discovering recipes that are family treasures such as the tomatiá aldeana; learning about the choice of the best fish for their seafood recipes; knowing the intricacies of cheeses with tradition and identity of our island; or tasting different gastronomic interpretations of Gran Canaria meats, have been just some of the activities that visitors have been able to enjoy within the Primary Sector activities at this Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair.

In total, over these three days, there have been 52 actions in which 1,700 people have participated, which translates into “total satisfaction with the number of people who have participated in the different training and knowledge classrooms of the Primary Sector,” assured Miguel Hidalgo, Councilor for Primary Sector, Food Sovereignty and Water Security of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

This fair is not just a showcase of the potential of products and our immense diversity on the island of Gran Canaria, but also a unique opportunity to learn about ‘almost artisanal production processes,’ as Hidalgo added.

Pepe Rodríguez’s gastronomic exhibition was a huge hit, packing the house with eager food enthusiasts.

Renowned Michelin-starred chef from El Bohío restaurant and MasterChef judge Pepe Rodríguez gave a gastronomic exhibition yesterday, Saturday, combining tradition and modernity with local products as the main protagonists.

During his exhibition, Rodríguez spoke about his cuisine and how he interprets the tradition inherited from his grandmother Valentina’s Cuban roots and Manchego cuisine in his dishes. In addition, the chef gave his vision of gastronomy in which there is no lack of support for small producers and value for local products.

Taking to the stoves, in front of a packed pavilion 5 where not a soul could fit, Pepe Rodríguez prepared a celery root and Tejeda almond curd, Agaete corn and coffee and a soldier shrimp tartar, potato, cured yolk and paprika soup.

A first encounter with cooking

The youngest members of the household also had their space during the Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair where, led by Loreto Riera, winner of MasterChef Junior 10, they made different recipes composed of different products from the island.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria promotes and finances the Gran Canaria Me Gusta Fair, which is organized by Infecar. SPAR Gran Canaria, Alcampo, and El Corte Inglés are sponsors, Comercial Naranjo is an equipment sponsor, Cajasiete is an official collaborator, and Gran Canaria Me Gusta, the Gran Canaria Chamber of Commerce, and Innova Gastrocan are collaborators.







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