The Palacio de Congresos Gran Canaria has once again been chosen to host the international event DeepLearn 2022 Summer

From 25 to 29 July, INFECAR’s Gran Canaria Conference Centre will host DeepLearn 2022 Summer, a global event that will showcase the latest advances in Deep Learning, a branch of artificial intelligence covering research and innovations that provide more efficient algorithms for dealing with large-scale data in neuroscience, computer vision, speech recognition, language processing or drug discovery.

DeepLearn 2022 Summer is the sixth edition of a series of scientific meetings previously held in Bilbao, Genoa, Warsaw, Guimarães and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, attended by advanced undergraduate and PhD students and professionals from a wide range of industrial sectors. Attendees at each of the previous events came from an average of 70 countries and the lecturers are all leading international figures.

This edition will showcase most of the sub-areas of Deep Learning and identify the main challenges through 21 four-and-a-half hour courses and 3 keynote lectures. In addition, participants will be able to present in an open session the work they are developing and there will be two special sessions with industrial and recruitment profiles.

In general, DeepLearn 2022 Summer is aimed at students, researchers and professionals, but there are no requirements for attendance, which this year will be in person, with limited seating, and virtual.



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