The Gran Canaria Conference Centre ends the month of June with activity on the rise

Lectures, professional conferences and assemblies were once again the main protagonists of the month of June for the Infecar Gran Canaria Conference Centre. As usual in its calendar, these 30 days have been marked by the celebration of different academic lectures, which put the finishing touch to a year of studies. In this sense, the Sala Canarias witnessed the closing of the academic year for the Colegio Norte, the IES Los Tarahales, the Colegio Marpe and the IES Siete Palmas.

In addition, this same venue was chosen by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria for a day of fire prevention and extinction, in which more than a hundred members of the brigades and forest patrols of the Department of the Environment of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria attended the event.

Likewise, the recently-launched political party ‘Hablemos Ahora’ (Let’s Talk Now) held its first island congress at our venue, where José Francisco Pérez López was unanimously elected as the party’s president.

The conference ‘Rethinking the Administration in the face of old problems and new challenges. La respuesta desde el Cabildo de Gran Canaria’ was held this month in the Bandama Hall, which was attended by public managers and public employees in general.

Finally, the taxi sector once again relied on the Gran Canaria Conference Centre to hold its annual assemblies. Thus, this month we hosted the Assembly of the San Cristóbal Taxi Cooperative and the Assembly of the Las Palmas Taxi Cooperative.

In addition to all this, the Gran Canaria Conference Centre also hosted meetings and presentations in the different rooms available for this purpose, thus responding to the needs of the Canary Islands’ social and business fabric.




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